Rich West Blatt, OR LMT #21264
is an experienced bodyworker and graduate of
East West College of the Healing Arts.

He specializes in deep tissue and sports massage, incorporating structural integration principles and elements of myofascial release and craniosacral therapy.

He helps a wide range of clients including athletes and musicians recover from
repetitive motion injuries, motor vehicle collisions
and the stress of daily living.

Photograph above c. Rich West Blatt, Yellowstone National Park.


Photo: Chad Lanning

some days are just like that

We've all had 'em -- days inhabited by too much work, busy-ness crowding out self-care, and the merry go round just won't seem to


Photo: Shauna Dullanty


Rich west blatt lmt

Rich has the experience and knowledge to help you step back from the merry go round and find that moment of space and peace that your body needs to recover from



"This American Life"

Photo: Chad Lanning

self care is often seen as a luxury

But the truth is this:
self-care is nothing short of mandatory if you want to live well.

Don't delay, make an appointment TODAY.