Not yo momma's fluffy birthday massage!

I can't remember the last time I gave a "relaxation" or "spa-syle" massage. Seriously.  It might have been first term at school, during our introductory Swedish Massage course, wherein I put many a classmate to sleep!

Most of the clients I see in both my private practice and at my employer's chiropractic clinic are men and women who sought help because they have a pain or functionality problem that they have been unable to solve on their own. Relaxation is helpful for sure, but most of the time, fixing these kinds of troubles requires WORK on both my part and the clients' part. It's common for my clients to be fully engaged in the process as I help them breathe through a particularly painful point, or coach them through "muscle energy techniques", or just check in with "how is this amount of pressure treating you?"

This is why I prefer the term "bodywork" to "massage" or even "therapeutic massage".  The word "massage" conjures passivity. "Bodywork", on the other hand, is dynamic.

Often, my clients are folks who spend hours at work sitting at a desk. You may have heard it said that "sitting is the new smoking", and it's true.  It's freakin' TERRIBLE for your body.  Working to undo the effects of sitting is one of the projects I undertake regularly.

Then there are the recreational athletes: golfers, crossfitters, skiiers, tennis fanatics, tri-athletes, runners, cyclists. People whose physical passion in life has left them injured or just damn sore. Sometimes the most self-sufficient athlete needs the help and maintenance of a bodyworker to restore full range of motion and functionality.

If you've got a question about whether or not this kind of work is right for you, get in touch!

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